NameSense Reverse Website Search

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Percentage of domains on the internet crawled by NameSense
76% of 235,616,421 registered domains

What does this site do?
NameSense is an extremely powerful tool for online marketing research and competition awareness.
This online service allows you to search in our twenty million domain name database for some identifying features of a website.
You can search websites by Google Analytics ID code or AdSense publisher code and find out other website linked to the same google adsense account.
The search engine can also find all websites hosted on the same shared IP address.

How to use it?
We designed our website for ease of use, so it is very intuitive.
Simply type the domain name you want to check in the search engine above and click search.
The website will then perform a search in our database and try to match the ID codes in the website's source code to the million others in our database.
If we find a match you will see it in the results.