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  • Solve problems with proficiency
  • Provide secure and feature-rich solutions
  • Be honest
  • Listen to your suggestions
  • Satisfy your hosting needs
  • Keep you informed
  • Deliver quality and dependable networks
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About us

HostAndWin hosting company was founded back in 2008 by a team of enthusiastic and talented IT and customer care professionals with years of experience in the IT and web hosting industry. The growing number of our private clients led us to the idea that the hosting industry is in need of a highly customer-oriented hosting provider that considers its customer satisfaction a number one priority. And this is how HostAndWin web hosting services came to be. Ever since that, we have been providing our high-quality hosting services and support to successful individuals and businesses around the world.

Our company slogan - "Your best hosting friend"- is a perfect description of HostAndWin's customer care policy. We are dedicated to delivering high-grade hosting services and unsurpassed technical support at prices anyone can afford. HostAndWin executives firmly believe that our company's success depends on the success of our customers, and we never forget that. The latter shows in the way we construct our services and offerings to fully meet our clients' diverse needs in every possible way. It also shows in the way we serve our clients –in a friendly manner, with respect. With our flexible packages and offers we are ready to meet our prospective clients' diverse needs, and we always deliver our services with unmatched quality of customer care.

Our Goal

HostAndWin's goal is to surpass the web hosting experience you've had so far and exceed your initial expectations. For that reason we do our best to:

  • offer reliable feature-rich hosting solutions for any type of private and business websites at affordable prices
  • deliver our valued customers with outstanding technical support for a better, hassle-free hosting experience
  • provide our clients with secure and dependable presence on the Internet.

We want to be the web hosting partner that you can depend on 24x7x365. Therefore, building lasting and dependable relationships based on honesty and proven performance is very important to us.

At HostAndWin we promise to keep up and constantly improve the high standard of hosting service we deliver, as well as the technologies used so that you don't have to look for another hosting provider ever again. We also promise you that you will never be left alone – you will be given all the assistance and help that you need.

Our Team

HostAndWin's team includes support specialists, leading system administrators, experienced customer care, marketing and development pros. All staff members have been chosen on the grounds of their commitment and professionalism. Our innovative thinking, dedication and zest for work are the main reasons why HostAndWin stand out as a company with first-class services and high customer satisfaction rates.


Data Centers

We at HostAndWin know that choosing a reliable and secure Data Center provider is of vital importance for the performance of our clients' hosted websites and applications. After a diligent research we chose the two Data Centers that offer the best combination of top security and unrivaled network speed and capacity. To put it simply - no more slow-loading websites, timeouts and 404 errors - your visitors and you will enjoy a fast, smoothly running website and immediate response to your servers and applications.

The two Data Centers we have chosen are located in Chicago and Houston, USA, and our servers are under the constant 24/7 monitoring of our system administrator specialists. In order to prevent the servers from experiencing any downtime, both Data Centers are powered through an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). Thanks to the UPS you will not have to worry about any power outage or electric surges which might potentially affect your website. Here are some of our Data Centers' features:

Our Network Features:

  • Network POPs located in 5 cities and 2 continents
  • Topmost network bandwidth capacity: 250+ gigabits/second
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) centralized network supervision
  • Multiple synchronous, high-capacity Tier 1 bandwidth providers
  • Several layers of network security
  • Fully developed network architecture with no single points of malfunction

Software Security:

  • Cutting edge Intrusion Detection System (notifies us instantaneously of any potential attacks and prevents intrusion by making intelligent real-time decisions)
  • Systematic software security checks on all service daemons (updates to latest stable versions and applying patches to present versions for higher level of service security)
  • Most recent and up-to-the-minute kernel patches and security tweaks
  • Traffic and Log experts for passive attack forestalling (a specific log analysis software which uses elaborate algorithms to asses potential threats)

Hardware Security:

  • Several layers of network security
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) centralized network supervision
  • Security staff working 24/7, with biometric and key card access control for double authentication
  • Additional man-traps and cab lock mechanisms for higher security


HostAndWin's expert system administrators monitor all servers 24/7 and can detect and eliminate any potential problems before they have seriously affected the servers. In addition to that, a special dedicated team of technicians works at the data centers, monitoring the network and the servers to guarantee maximum uptime and reliability for your website.


Solve problems with proficiency

Unlike other hosting providers we believe trust is in the center of every successful partnership between a company and its customers. We strive to keep the promises we make to our clients, and this is the reason why more and more people choose HostAndWin to be their long-term hosting choice. We mean every word when we say that we will do our best to never let you down.

HostAndWin's tech team will solve any hosting-related issues or difficulties you experience in a professional and timely manner, and do their best to keep your website running smoothly and seamlessly.

Provide secure and feature-rich solutions

Our multifunctional hosting packages and additional features can suit all your needs - from creating a small personal website, to blogs and forums, to small and big e-commerce business websites. Not sure whether we have what it takes to host your future or existing website? Just contact us by email or get in touch with one of our sales reps on the livechat and we will answer all your questions.

At HostAndWin we pay great attention to our server's security for we know your website or business relies on us. With daily checkups and 24/7 live monitoring we make sure your websites are protected from hacker attacks.

Be honest

With HostAndWin there are no fine print hidden fees. When it comes to our clients, honesty is one of our number one priorities.

Listen to your suggestions

Our customer care department is always open for your suggestions. We listen to all our clients' feedback as we constantly strive to improve our services and make your hosting experience with us a pleasant one.

Keep you informed

As our client you have the right to be informed about everything new regarding our company in terms of features and new services. You can rest assured that you will be notified about any special offers and promotions we have prepared for you.

Deliver quality and dependable networks

Our stable network architecture and bandwidth will guarantee the excellent performance of your website, making it possible for your visitors to browse in a fast-loading, error-free website.

Contact us

Thank you for your interest in HostAndWin Hosting services. We are pleased to answer all your questions about our hosting services and look forward to hearing from you. Please use the appropriate contact information listed below so we can respond to your inquiries the fastest possible way.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

This Privacy policy describes the manner in which (the Company) collect, uses and maintains information about its customers and users of this Web site (the Users).

The Information We Collect?

The Company collects different types of personally identifiable information from online users through online forms for ordering products and services and others where users are invited to volunteer such information. Collected information includes but is not limited to: first and last name, postal address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, credit card and other billing information needed in regard to the services required by the User.

Additional non-personally identifiable information about the website visitors is also collected: referral URL's, Users' IP addresses, Users' use of website, User's browser type, etc. Parts of this information are collected through Cookies - pieces of data that a Web server can store on the Users' computer and use to identify the User when they visit the Web site again. The User can choose to modify his/her browser and hence, to reject the Company's cookies.

How We Use Information?

Collected information is used by the Company for billing and to provide the service and support requested by the User. The Company may also use the information for sending periodic e-mail notifications about important changes in: hosting plans features, services, technical issue updates and news, different promotions, etc.  If the Users do not want to receive such e-mail notifications, they need to e-mail their request at:
The Company uses the collected information for internal reviews in order to determine the User's needs, preferences and hence, improves the Company's effectiveness; improves the website content, layout, etc.

Disclosure of Information

The Company may provide the Users' personal information to potential partners, affiliates, and reputable third parties with whom the Company cooperates for providing services to its customers. Examples for such services are: domain registration, Private SSL registration, etc. The Company carefully chooses to partner affiliates and service providers that are ethical and provide similar privacy protection to their customers and this website users.

Maintenance of Information

The Company uses industry-standard security measures in order to protect all users' personal information collected through the website. The Company makes every possible effort to prevent loss, misuse or alteration to data from occurring.  By volunteering to provide personal information to the Company, the User accepts and agrees that the security, integrity and privacy of his/her information cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Users' responsibility

The users are solely responsible for the security of their login information, such as usernames and passwords, which give them access to their private information maintained by the Company. Make sure you keep your passwords confidential. In addition, make sure you always log out from any relevant services when you are not actively using them.
The Company advises all customers and users to read and understand our privacy policy, and to check it periodically for any updates or revisions. If you have any questions about the contents of this statement, please feel free to contact us by e-mailing:

Last Revision September 1, 2010