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Affiliate Program Details

Payout Type: Pay-Per-Sale

Commission Payout: 20% one-time commission per sale

Payout Threshold: $30.00 USD - Minimum account balance required for payout.

Payouts: Via PayPal upon your request

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Refer New Clients = Increase Your Payouts

Many of HostAndWin customers refer our hosting services to family, friends, colleagues, business partners, etc. And if you are also referring people to HostAndWin hosting, why not make money of it by getting paid every time someone signs up?

Sign Up for the HostAndWin Affiliate Program and get paid excellent commissions for every new client you send our way!

Earn Easy Money

Simply place HostAndWin banners and text links on your site and start gaining profits. When your website visitors click on these links, they will be taken to the website; and when they sign up for a new account, you'll earn a generous commission. It's very simple and no investment is required from you.

How to use the Affiliate Program?

With our affiliate program there are many ways to refer people to HostAndWin hosting:

  • Web designers and developers can make money by signing up all their customers through the Affiliate Program.
  • Webmasters may earn extra money by placing banners and text links on their websites, articles, and blog posts.
  • You may send personal e-mails with affiliate links along the e-mail text to anyone looking for hosting.
  • You can gain profits by telling about HostAndWin Hosting to your business colleagues, family and friends.
  • Other great ways to spread the word, bring traffic to your site and increase your profits is by using the social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

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